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PRE-ORDER Cotton Candy

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This is a pre-order listing and is expected to ship at the end of June. Please note any in-stock items ordered with this listing will ship together. Pre-Order closes Sunday, May 22.

LO LO TONG Pre-Order
Glazed brown speckled clay | 32" braided cotton cord in seafoam & grey

Approximate width 2"-2.5"

GOURD In Stock
White stoneware stained with pigments for a marbled effect | 32" braided cotton cord in navy

Approximate length 1.5", width 1"

Gourds are hand-formed and not uniform, making each one one-of-a-kind.

Lo Lo Tongs are cut by hand with wire. We find the shapes to be organic and perfectly imperfect.

While sturdy enough for daily wear, please store it with care due to the fragile nature of the material.