Ghost Water

$32.00 - $34.00
Ghost Water

Lo Lo Tong in Ghost Water is a handcrafted tube pendant glazed all the way around in a milky, off-white glaze with brown specks coming through. The color makes us think of milk tea. Made with brown speckled clay.

Small - approx 1.5" - 2.25"
Medium - approx 2.25" - 2.75"

Lo Lo Tongs are cut by hand with wire. Some have a natural curve, while others appear more straight. We find the shapes to be organic and perfectly imperfect. While sturdy enough for daily wear, please store it with care due to the fragile nature of the material.

The default cord is leather and measures about 36”. Cord color is selected by the maker. If you prefer cotton or need a longer length, please leave a note at checkout.