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Porcelain Dream

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Porcelain Dream is back in brown speckled clay! Originally part of the Dreamscape series, I've decided to make Porcelain Dream a permanent color for Fu Ceramics.

Dreamscape is a series where I play and experiment with different glaze combinations in small batches. I’m surprised by how often the results reflect my mood or emotional place at the time. There is something about preserving a moment and then quickly releasing it out into the world.

But Porcelain Dream is different. I was thinking about how "porcelain skin" is seen as a compliment, especially in the Asian community. I remember watching TV with my relatives in China back in the early 2000s. Commercial after commercial for skin whitening potions and treatments played between family shows. That memory left a negative imprint on pre-teen me.

This piece is me saying fuck standards of beauty peddled by white supremacy. You are magic just as you are. *I will not produce this piece in porcelain, only brown speckled and white stoneware clay bodies.*

Small - less than 2.25"
Medium - approx. 2.25" - 2.75"

Lo Lo Tongs are cut by hand with wire. Some have a natural curve, while others appear more straight. We find the shapes to be organic and perfectly imperfect. While sturdy enough for daily wear, please store with care due to the fragile nature of the material.

The default cord is leather and measures about 36”. Cord color is selected by the maker. If you prefer cotton or need a longer length, please leave a note at checkout.

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