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Surprise Seconds!

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I’ve been saving a lot of seconds from the last few batches/releases. Sometimes the glazes are off, causing pits or pinholes on the surface of the Lo Lo Tong. Other times, there are color transfers caused by transportation. The Lo Lo Tong will be randomly selected based on your size selection. Feel free to leave your top 3 colors at checkout and I’ll do my best!

Possible Glaze Colors [sizes available | color description & clay body]:

Bloom [SM, MED, LG | light pink on white stoneware]
Shell [MED, LG | cream/sandstone on white stoneware]

Luck [SM only | salmon-red on brown speckled]
Jade [SM, MED | light pistachio green on brown speckled]
Currency [SM, MED | deep yellow on brown speckled] {hi, Raj!}
Winter Melon [SM, MED | deep teal green on brown speckled]

*** some other colors like Winter Smoke, Two-Tone, and red envelope cats are in the mix!***

Small - less than 2.25”
Medium - 2.25” - 2.75”
Large - 2.75” up

Lo Lo Tongs are cut by hand with wire. Some have a natural curve, while others appear more straight. We find the shapes to be organic and perfectly imperfect. While sturdy enough for daily wear, please store with care due to the fragile nature of the material.

The default cord is leather and measures about 36”. Cord color is selected by the maker. If you prefer cotton or need a longer length, please leave a note at checkout.

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