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Image of The Melancholy of Departure

The Melancholy of Departure

$38.00 USD - $42.00 USD

The world quiets as if it has been placed on mute. You wake up in a small cabin of a moving train, with your head against the cool glass window. The view blurs and breaks as you watch the train race the colors in the sky. You look back the way you always do.


Near the end of 2020, I purchased a tiny wheel to throw in my compact NYC apartment kitchen. This set was one of my first "kitchen throws."

Lately, when a piece doesn't turn out how I intend, I like to speed up the wheel extra fast, hold my hands close, and gently hug the clay. Instead of turning into a mountain of mush, the vessel's walls fold and transform. The idea of the clay deciding its own final form is inspiring to me.

Clay: White Stoneware
Colors: Matte periwinkle inside and watercolor haze on the outside

Canyon - Approximately 2.5" X 2.5" X 2.75"
Vista - Approximately 3" X 3"X 2.25"

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