salina portrait;

Salina Fu (she/her) is the maker behind Fu Ceramics. This all came to be after she made a two-headed tube vase for her mother’s birthday in April 2019. For almost two months Salina kept a small leftover tube, instead of tossing it in the reclaim bin. Finally she decided to fire and glaze it. To her surprise, she loved it as a necklace and just like that, Fu Ceramics was born.

Inspired by the design, Salina’s mother named it Lo Lo Tong. It means to be without barriers on any path you take. This will remain a core piece in every collection.

Fú means blessing and good fortune in Chinese. Upon entering many traditional Chinese households, you will likely find red paper squares printed with the Fú character in shiny gold or black. Every Lunar New Year, Salina’s mother buys new ideographs to hang on all the doors in their home. Oftentimes, you would see it hung upside-down, as the Chinese character for “upside-down” sounds like the character “to arrive.” With this wordplay, the upside-down Fú means “good luck arrives.”

Beyond naming her work after this meaningful character, it is also a tribute to Salina’s family. While the characters are different, the pinyin for 福 is spelled the same as her last name.